Round III

He got off to a rough start, but President Bush wins Debate III. He connected with Americans on a personal level when talking about his wife, his faith, and his stance on abortion. For Sen. Kerry, it was more of the same—he didn’t exactly breakdown, but he did look like a fish out of water on the faith and abortion questions. On the abortion issue especially, Kerry has put himself in such an intellectually precarious position (believes pro-life but votes pro-choice) that it’s had to dance around without throwing in some esoteric argument to fog the issue.

Bush wins because to an audience who is undecided, he came off as a man who has made up his mind. Making up their minds is what the “undecideds” have to do ever so soon. I think they’ll resonate more with someone who is clear on whom they are and what they believe. Hem-hawing time is over; it’s decision time.

Bob Schieffer was probably the worst debate moderator I’ve ever seen. Although he was undoubtedly ticked off at President Bush’s questioning of major media’s trust (an obvious slam at Schieffer’s CBS), Schieffer continued to set Kerry up. The question about the “back-door draft” sounded as if it had been sent directly from the Kerry campaign (perhaps one of the thousands of emails that Schieffer got this week…). And what kind of a question is “will you try to reunite this nation?” Duh.

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  1. I vow to start watching the debates when they find someone fair enough to moderate. Until then, I’ll contine watching baseball, college football, or reruns of Law & Order instead!

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