Onward November

Vols 43, Gamecocks 29

A rocky start that seems to be becoming a Tennessee tradition set the stage for a second-half Volunteer victory. While all the stats may show Erik Ainge as the hero, it was in fact the now-second string quarterback Brent Schaeffer, along with heroics by Cedric Houston that ignited the Tennessee offense from their early stupor. Schaeffer’s efforts all but set up two of Tennessee’s touchdowns, only to be replaced mid-series by Ainge in a bizarre UT coaching stratagem. Whatever Fulmer and, ahem, Sanders were thinking, it worked. The Vols woke up and put away the best remaining chance of taking them out of the SEC championship game.

Next week sees the Irish of Notre Dame at Neyland. Next week is also November, a month where the Vols shine (their last Nov. loss in recent history coming against Miami in 2002). Ahh, November…