Alert: Christians in the Workplace!

Just on the heels of discovering that there are Christians in the White House, The New York Times Magazine has now discovered that there are Christians in America’s workforce as well—and some of them actually own businesses. Apparently this bizzare religion is cropping up everywhere—Russell Shorto writes of the Christians-in-the-workplace phenomenon:

One of the movement’s objectives is to give Christians an opportunity to ”out” themselves on the job, to let them express who they are, freely and without feeling persecuted. Few would argue with such a goal: it suits an open society. And if it increases productivity and keeps C.E.O.’s from turning into reptiles, all the better.

Then again, the idea of corporations dominated by a particular religious faith has a hint of oppressiveness, a ”Taliban Inc.” aspect.

Language like this has no place in responsible journalism. Shorto’s principal “subject” in the article is a charismatic Christian, hardly a Taliban-esque figure. The Times Magazine acts as if 2000 years of history never happened, and Christianity is just now appearing as a movement. Perhaps they think such inflammatory language will keep the “movement” down?

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