Poll-ar Bearing

Tomorrow is the day. It’s the day when politcos young and old, north and south will be biting their fingernails, doodling all day at work, and going to stand in a line that leads behind a curtain where they get to, at risk of sounding like an MTV ad, participate in something that is still unique upon this sphere of ours.

My thoughts: Bush will win 285-253. Bush hasn’t really dipped in the polls throughout this campaign, and I still think that the incumbent carries the advantage with undecideds (are there any still around?). There are very few Dems who are true Kerry supporters—most seem to be of the “anybody but Bush” ilk. The question that remains to be seen is whether or not Bush hatred will motivate enough of the “ABB” crowd to carpool to hop in their bumper-sticker plastered Volvos and drive to the polling place.

As they say, we will see. To quote Dan Rather during the CBS broadcast of the 2000 election, “Don’t bet the trailer money on it yet.”