Vols 38, Commodores 33

Just when you thought the Vols couldn’t get any uglier, they nearly botched their 22nd consecutive win over the intramural-based Vanderbilt squad. The defense that held Notre Dame to 10 last week was on vacation today. If the Vol defense plays against Auburn the way they did today, we’ll lose worse than we did the first time around. Somebody send a memo to Johnny Chavis: Vandy scored THIRTY-THREE points on us!

On a positive note, I think Rick Clausen did a good job, despite the interception. He threw for 189 yards, which is huge if you consider the standard 3rd-string quartback passing stats. Clausen proved he was more than just a handoff man. I just hope he and hone his skills in time.

Next week, it’s Kentucky, and if I know Kentucky, they’ll be feeling right about now that they’re due a win. They won’t know exactly why or how they’ll beat the Vols, but they’ll be pretty sure that this year is “the year.” Well, there’s always the blood drive.

1 thought on “Ughh-ly”

  1. Yep, it was ulgy. But a win nonetheless. We should just be glad to be SEC East Champs this year. I think next year will be the big year for the Vols.

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