Leapin’ Leprechauns

Vols 13, Irish 17 This one was a heartbreaker if there ever were one. Two weeks. Two quarterbacks. Two injuries. A tough Notre Dame defense made it impossible for the Vols to hold on to a first-half lead, despite a valiant (though inexperienced) effort by third-string Rick Clausen. Clausen did the best he could, and … Read more

Waiting for Iowa

If Iowa can take this long to count its votes, then I can certainly wait this long to weigh in on the 2004 election. Any of you who are familiar with my job will be happy to know that certain measures of support for President Bush are as strong or even stronger after the campaign. … Read more

Apologizing to Abortionists

Japus Gassalascus, the pseudonym for the author of The New Pantagruel’s blog The Japery, points to a startling article in Christianity Today entitled, “Why I Apologized to Planned Parenthood.” The article is by a woman who though she kept her child, disdained her pregnancy so much that she felt the need to apologize to Planned … Read more

The Ballot is Cast

I even went bipartisan and voted for one Democrat. He was the only person running for the position. It was my first time voting in Kentucky, but it didn’t take me long to get used to the “color in this circle” method (in Tennessee, we used machines). I didn’t feel disenfranchised at all. I’m one … Read more

Poll-ar Bearing

Tomorrow is the day. It’s the day when politcos young and old, north and south will be biting their fingernails, doodling all day at work, and going to stand in a line that leads behind a curtain where they get to, at risk of sounding like an MTV ad, participate in something that is still … Read more