The Church Apostate

Though I’m a confessing Baptist, I sometimes cringe at the actions of others who claim that denomination. Much like the way most Americans feel when Michael Moore or Barbara Streisand claim to speak for America, I want to dissociate from those who are only Baptists in name.

One such church is the infamous Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. This church is the home base of operations for none other than Fred Phelps. If you’re not familiar, suffice it to say that the name of the church’s website is “God Hates Fags.” Not surprisingly, the church’s most lasting impact on society has been its rejoicing over the deaths of homosexuals.

Westboro’s latest act of love for the world has been to celebrate the death of over 20,000 Swedes as a result of the Southeast Asia Tsunami.

Westboro Baptist and Fred Phelps have so far removed themselves from anything Christian, much less Baptist, that it leaves one wondering just what they are outside of an apostate church.

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2 thoughts on “The Church Apostate”

  1. Exactly.

    Fred Phelps is almost entirely a media creation. I think his congregation consists mostly of him and some of his family members. But he fulfils a necessary media stereotype, so he’s featured in the news far more prominently than his actual influence should warrant.

    There have been very few people less consequential who have received more attention than Fred Phelps has. Maybe Paris Hilton, I dunno.

  2. I read some of your post in my podcast today, which is my daily read of top political posts into an MP3 file. You can hear it on my weblog if you want, or read the text. Good stuff! I found it by searching Technorati on the Church.


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