Wanna Be Lazy? Call It A Boycott

Writer David Livingstone is organizing a “boycott from work” on Inauguration Day:

David Livingstone says the idea behind the economic boycott he’s organizing is simple: If people don’t show up at work or buy things, companies lose money. As he sees it, that’s money the Bush administration can’t tax, and can’t use to run the war in Iraq, protect polluters or chip away at the Constitution.

Hmmm. Seeing as Livingstone is a writer and doesn’t really have a job to go to on Inauguration Day (he plans to spend the day protesting, wearing black armbands, and letting “the GOP, big oil, big banking, big box stores and any other “bigs”…know they can’t push him around or ignore him”), it seems he has little to lose in such a busy day. Everyone else, however, should not go to work.

This is like me saying that all millionaires should give half their fortune to third-world aid. It’s awfully easy to spend someone else’s money.