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Odds & Ends from around the ‘net:

Novel Additions: Fellow blogger and good friend Colby Willen has published his first novel, Dolor for Misdeeds, online at http://www.dolorformisdeeds.com. I read the novel some months ago, and I highly recommend it as an entertaining yarn with some thoughtful underpinnings.

Darth TaterMay the Spuds Be With You: Hasbro, the makers of the Mr. Potato Head line of toys, has announced its newest spudatomically correct product: Darth Tater. If you only knew the POWER of the dark spud…

Anonymity, or Not?: Paul Baxter has a thought-provoking post on anonymity and the internet. Baxter thoughtfully questions whether or not bloggers and the like should write under pseudonyms. I go back and forth on this issue. Part of me likes the fun of characters such as Ben Franklin’s “Poor Richard” Saunders, but another part of me values the authenticity just being who you are. My name is really Jared Bridges. As far as you know…

Rather, or Not?: In case you missed it—and I did—RatherBiased.com has reproduced Saturday Night Live‘s parody of Dan Rather’s apology for the forged-document scandal. Side-splittingly funny.

Bloglines: I’ve known of its existence for a long while, but I’ve only started using this free, web-based RSS utility for a couple of weeks. I’m hooked. Oh how I wish all the blogs on my blogroll had an RSS feed…

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  1. And I am really David Marcoe. But you still don’t know what I am capable of…

    First blogs, then the the world! MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

    I really should watch that psychotic streak. Really puts people off.

  2. I agree that more blogs need to have RSS feeds. What’s more, there are blogs that have them, but don’t advertise that they have them or possibly don’t realize that they have them.

    To find one for a blog, view the source of the page. Oftentimes, I have been able to locate a URL for a feed by searching for “rdf” “rss” or “atom” when it wasn’t apparent on the page itself.

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