A New Kind of Truman Show?

For moment—albeit a brief one—I wondered whether or not I was going overboard by posting several sets of photos of our newborn on this blog. After all, the youngster didn’t exactly give me permission to release his strikingly handsome mug to the world. Nevertheless, I published them without regret, hoping that he would later forgive me if he’s uncomfortable with the noteriety this website offers him.

After viewing this website, however, I have no worries at all that I went overboard. The Trixie Update is virtually an online version of The Truman Show. It is written by a father who chronicles every diaper change, minute of sleep, and change of clothing that his now 18 month daughter makes.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall about 12 years from now when a teenaged Trixie discovers that all of her poops from the last thirteen years are public knowledge. Egads!

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