Outing Osteen

Michael Spencer has written a firebrand of a post exposing the clearly un-Christian teachings of Joel Osteen, pastor of the 30,000 member Lakewood Church in Houston and author of the current bestselling self-help book, Your Best Life Now. I’m not too familiar with Osteen (other than seeing his Orel Hersheiser-like face staring at me every time I walk into Barnes & Noble or Borders), so there’s little that I can add to Spencer’s post except to say that I agree wholeheardtedly.

Simply based on the interviews here and here, Osteen stands outside biblical Christianity in his teachings. Perhaps the fact that the evangelical blogosphere has been so slow to pick up on this attests to the fact that Osteen is somewhat of a foreigner. Go read Spencer’s post now.

hat tip: Jollyblogger

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  1. Jared, Thanks for the link to this article. That is a very interesting and at the same time disturbing post about Joel Osteen. I’ve always had an uneasy feeling about him, but I can’t force myself to watch his message long enough to scrutinize what he is saying. His style and sugary(saccharine)-sweet message gets on my nerves. If the gospel message isn’t central to any preacher’s message, they aren’t Christian and should not be endorsed.
    Thanks for getting out the message.

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