Around the ‘Sphere

A few places I’ve been surfing in the blogosphere:

J. Mark Bertrand has a thoughtful post on wisdom. He notes:

In the book of Proverbs, wisdom and folly are compared to archetypes of the feminine: the good girl and the bad. Folly is easy. She makes herself available. She throws herself at you and tells you the things you want to hear. And in the end, she’s worth the effort it took to get her. Wisdom is different. She must be courted. When you see wisdom as “the principal thing,” your own shortcomings come into focus. Like a lover longing for his beloved, you sense your inadequacy and yearn to become a better man than you are. You come to value the thing that can only be had through discipline and pursuit, the thing that must be earned.

Well put. Like any woman worth her salt, wisdom cannot be bought, stolen, or taken for granted—she must be wooed.

Discoshaman revives an old post entitled “Art and the Christian Ghetto,” where he aptly takes on sacred cows in the evangelical art world like Thomas Kinkade and Family Christian stores. For more on this see this old post of mine along with my paper, “Christian Kitsch and the Trivialization of God.” (PDF)

Nick Troester points to a new holiday, “International Eat an Animal for PETA Day.” I’m already planning my menu for the Ides of March…