The Unimpressive Press Redux

Is it just me, or is the press at White House press conferences becoming increasingly less-than-cerebral with their questioning? Taking their cues from a press conference a year ago, the group on hand last night bordered on the silly at times. While last year’s questions dealt with whether or not President Bush felt sorry (for … Read more

Does TV Make Us Smarter?

Steven Johnson argues in the New York Times Magazine that watching TV makes you smarter. Oddly enough, he chooses a magazine—a thoroughly word-based media—to make his point. The article is long, but the crux of the Johnson’s point is that TV shows today have plot lines that are so complex, a person can’t help but … Read more

A Few Thoughts on Reading

Those of you with children are probably aware that one’s habits of personal study tend to be affected upon the arrival of the little one(s). In my case, the birth of our son caused my rate of reading to take a drastic downturn, especially in the first month. Now that things are beginning to settle … Read more

The Terrible Twos?

For those of you who were sleeping, yesterday marked the two-year “blogiversiary” of TruePravda. I celebrated by giving the editorial staff the day off. In return, they extended their contract for another year. Wow. Two years. 595 posts. 575 comments. While it pales in comparison to others, its way more than I ever thought I’d … Read more

The Strange Brew that is CCM

As I’ve noted before, much of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) misses the point, but Jars of Clay’s Dan Haseltine seems to have the right idea: There’s a lot of different things that don’t seem to be working that should in the music industry. It’s a hard thing—selling the Christian message [in pop music], because pop … Read more

Bank of America Can’t Fool TruePravda

An urgent letter. As I am continually deluged with credit-card application junk mail, I am amazed at the lengths marketers will go to get you to open the mail. Aside from the standard notices—not to discard, to view immediately the enclosed time-sensitve material, and DO NOT FOLD (a warning sure to stop those envelope-folding mail … Read more

The Pot Calls the Kettle Black

‘Left Behind’ Authors Blast End-Times Mini-Series as ‘Unbiblical, Weird’ This quote from Tim LaHaye on the NBC miniseries is especially hilarious: “This story is based on some writer’s imagination about the book of Revelation,” LaHaye said. “However, the writer clearly has not studied the book or maybe even read it. … This is a good … Read more

Around the ‘Sphere

Just a few things I’m looking at in the blogosphere and elsewhere: Colby Willen takes on church marketing strategies, observing a local church’s tagline (“Big Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Care”) that matches at least four other business slogans found on the web. He writes: Okay, even if you haven’t thought through what … Read more

A Royal Yawn

So, Prince Charles and Camilla have finally tied the knot after 30 years of illegitimacy. Yawn. You know it’s bad when USA Today has a pre-wedding line like this: It will not be the wedding of the century. But you can call the marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla a fairy tale for grown-ups. A … Read more

Tom Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmons

One book that’s been in the news lately, aside from The DaVinci Code, is Tom Wolfe’s latest novel, I Am Charlotte Simmons—a novel about the culture and activities of campus life at an elite American university. The book has been reviewed widely in conservative circles, and even caused a mild media tizzy recently when it … Read more