The Great Wall of Texas?

While we’re on the subject of immigration, Jonah Goldberg has an interesting evaluation of the idea of building a wall on the border:

A wall would not in any sense be “unfair” to Mexicans any more than locks on your windows are unfair to people who want to break into your house and sleep on your couch. A wall would simply put Mexico — and the more than 100,000 “other than Mexicans” who cross our southern border — at the same “disadvantage” as would-be immigrants from Nigeria and New Zealand. They’d have to fill out a form and wait in line.

A wall is an interesting idea, but such walls have failed miserably in the past. Take, for example, the Maginot Line — a fortification that the French built to keep out the Germans before WWII. The Germans went around it, and I’m sure that those wanting to come in from the south would find a way. I’m in agreement, however, with Goldberg in that it would not be in any sense unfair.