North of the Border

The Weekly Standard’s Matt Labash recently spent time with the “Minutemen” of U.S.–Mexico border fame. Here’s an snapshot:

I ask Simcox [leader of the Minutemen] the obvious: If women carrying babies can make it in without much trouble, assuming they don’t get lost or dehydrated, how difficult would it be for a well-funded, well-armed terrorist with GPS navigation to skirt over the border? He looks at me like I’m a dim child. “Are you kidding?” he says. “Piece of cake!” About the biggest danger they’d face, from the looks of the trails, is tripping over one of the Jansport backpacks ditched by the thousands of Mexicans who’ve gone before them.

Read it all for a closer picture of what’s going on at the southern border.

1 thought on “North of the Border”

  1. Inspiring! Maybe I’ll head down for the winter. I have to admit that I had the same misconceptions about the Minutemen as Labash did. Nice to hear otherwise.

    Seriously, it is frightening to realize just how unprotected the border truly is.

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