Post 9/11 and Post New Orleans

Has it really been four years? In one sense, it seems like only yesterday that I was skipping seminary chapel one Tuesday morning to finish Hebrew homework when Colby came in and told me to turn on the television. In another sense, it seems like a lifetime ago that Osama bin-Laden’s gang of murderers flew planes into the WTC, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania, taking with them the lives of too many of my fellow countrymen.

Now, four years later, here we stand in the aftermath of yet another massive loss of life, property and identity. It’s not difficult to find certain similarities in some of the responses to both 9/11 and hurricane Katrina:

  • After both events, some said that the U.S. had it coming.
  • After both events, some felt the need to sanction commissions to investigate “what went wrong.”
  • After both events, some claimed to know exactly why God allowed such evil and destruction occur.
  • After both events, many Americans went out of their way to offer aid
  • After both events, many fools found outlets for their voices.
  • The devastation caused by both events, require massive rebuilding. Of the 9/11 attack, only the Pentagon has been rebuilt four years later. Let’s pray that we can do better for the Gulf Coast.

May we never forget neither 9/11 nor Katrina, and may Christ be our strength in weakness.