She Had Him at Hello,
But He Had Too Much To Do

Many proponents of same-sex marriage argue that one of the trends that supports their cause is the current decline of traditional marriage. They argue that marriage isn’t as “traditional” as it once was, given today’s high divorce rate both inside and outside the church. That makes a rather poor case for same-sex marriage, but they do have a point: traditional marriage has become, in many places, a farce.

That farce is nowhere more evident in the phenomenon we know as “the celebrity wedding.” Celebrities, you see, are only allowed to marry other celebrities. This is just a fact of life. Montagues don’t marry Capulets, and celebrities don’t mix blood with the common folk.

For a prime example of the celebrity wedding farce, consider country singer Kenny Chesney’s short-lived marriage to Renée Zellweger. After a private-yet-front-page Carribean wedding (which incidentally coincided with the opening of Chesney’s world tour), the couple is now seeking an anullment after only six months. Zellweger listed the reason for the separation as “fraud.” Chesney, it seems, had too much going on to tend to his wife:

“I hit everything so hard this year. I had the biggest tour I’ve ever done, I had a record to finish that was real important to me, and, of course, I had something new in my personal life and I was trying to do that too. It really ended up being too much. I’m tired right now, but by next year, I’ll be excited to get back to it. And it’ll be about the music again, not about the sideshow.”

Well, at least he’s keeping the important stuff in perspective…