Dog Days of Autumn

Vols 14, Bulldogs, 27

For the far–too–manyeth time in far–too–many years, Georgia was once again the better team at Neyland Stadium.

The Vol offense mistakenly took the bus to Sanford Stadium in Athens, thus missing the game. Rumor has is that they will stay there until the Vols really play there next season.

The stats tell the story: the Vols had 310 passing yards and scored only one offensive touchdown. Scarier was the whopping 54 yards rushing. That’s right, 54. We ran the ball just over half the length of the field.

The Tide that’s coming in two weeks is beginning to look like a Tsunami

3 thoughts on “Dog Days of Autumn”

  1. The Tide is over-rated as usual and have had a key player injured. I expect that the Vols will come ready to play. It should be a good contest.

  2. The Vols are going to have to find a surplus of the “magic dust” (stupid quote this week from our coach that is clueless at the moment)if they expect to win in Tuscaloserville!!!

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