Vols 27, Wildcats 8 In yesterday’s Battle of the Bottomdwellers, Tennessee finally met its match in the Kentucky Wildcats. All season long, the Vols have waited for a team that was as good or better at throwing away a victory, and Kentucky rose to the occasion. All frustration aside, I was encouraged by Erik Ainge’s … Read more

Pardon Me, But…

Is is just me, or does anyone else think it would be cool if just once the President upheld the turkey’s conviction instead of issuing a pardon? Yes, I’m ready for a break. And yes, I think it would be cool. Save the neck for me, Clark.

House = Holmes: It’s Elementary

A while back, I noted the similarities between Fox’s House (pretty much the only television show I watch with regularity) and Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. In Tuesday’s episode, the producers/writers bent over backwards to show the connection. It may have slipped the notice of the casual observer, but surely didn’t slip by us here … Read more

Will the Real Whipping Boy Please Stand Up?

Vols 24, Commodores 28 In November 1982, USA Today was just two months old, President Ronald Reagan was in his first term, the Soviet Union was knee-deep in Afghanistan, and Knoxville, TN had just wrapped up its hosting of the 1982 World’s Fair. The Tennessee-Vanderbilt football game was played in Nashville that year, and a … Read more

House Party

I love the U.S. House of Representatives. It’s devoid of the haughtiness of the Senate, and unlike the smaller legislative branch, the Republicans in the House actually realize that they’re in power. The House of Representatives sounded more like a rowdy House of Commons Friday night, as Republicans called Rep. John Murtha’s bluff on an … Read more

The Scientist as Priest

The Acton Institute’s Powerblog points to interview with University of Georgia communication professor Thomas Lessl, who notes that: …scientific culture has responded to the pressures of patronage by trying to construct a priestly ethos — by suggesting that it is the singular mediator of knowledge, or at least of whatever knowledge has real value, and … Read more

When Big Brother Goes to Church

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” — The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution When it comes to the First Amendment, we Americans often focus most of our attention on the establishment clause, debating whether or not a “separation of church and state” lies within … Read more

Legalese That’s Actually Helpful

Tom Hicks posts on legalism and antinomianism: There is a sense in which legalism is antinomian and antinomianism is legalistic. Legalism is antinomian because it invariably diminishes the absoluteness of the law and makes it easy enough to keep. Antinomianism is legalistic because though it throws off God’s law it makes every man a law … Read more

Dennis Quaid & Sasquatch Theology

Much of the time, celebrities seem far removed from the realities of everyday people. They live their extravagant lives with little regard or even awareness of the goings on of the masses. However, from time to time, certain celebrities transcend their trappings and try to show that they’re “real people” just like everyone else. Consider … Read more

November Photos

It’s well into November, and at just shy of a year, the boy seems almost ready to get his driver’s license. Well, maybe not, but some of the photos below might give a hint to some future aspirations:

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