Orange E-Rupp-tion

KY 67, TN 75

I had my first experience at Rupp Arena tonight watching the Vols dismantle the Kentucky Wildcats with my Kentucky-fan wife. The Cats were gracious hosts to an orange-clad Vol fan who was one of the few disperesed throughout the arena.

KY and TN in action

The Vols are orange-hot, and this win at Rupp was a long time coming. Yes, after a generation, Tennessee basketball has come into its own. Go Vols!

3 thoughts on “Orange E-Rupp-tion”

  1. Amen to that Jared. It has been a long time coming for Tennessee to be doing this well. I am extremely excited about what Bruce Pearl has done in his first year with this team. I would love to see them stun Florida at home and then, just for desert, beat Kentucky at the Tommy Bowl.

  2. I’m already voting Bruce Pearl in as Coach of the Year. Of course, I am not a sportswriter or anything like that, so it doesn’t really amount to much. However, ESPN’s Big 10 and Big East leaning voters are going to have a tough time denying him.

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