Kudos to President Bush

One of the quintessential questions of our time is this: What does it mean to be human? It is a hotly debated question, especially with regard to issues such as abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

President Bush knows the answer, and is not afraid to act accordingly — despite potential political fallout. With his veto yesterday of the embryonic stem cell research bill, the president held fast to his consistent belief that life begins at conception. For this he is to be roundly commended.

Less could be said for the members of both houses of Congress who passed the bill — especially the ones who claim to the pro-life mantle. These have not only betrayed the pro-life voters who put them in office, they have betrayed the fact that they might not really believe that life begins at conception. Why else would they vote in favor of a measure that seeks to devalue the lives of human embryos in favor of more utilitarian efforts?

These members of Congress who have trouble remembering the logical conclusions of a pro-life view run the very real risk that pro-life voters will remind them of their folly at the polls.

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