Smoggy Smoke on Rocky Top

Vols 16, Crimson Tide 13

Years before tradition was trumped by the timidity of political correctness, it was custom for the winning team of the Tennessee-Alabama football game to smoke cigars together in victory. A few years ago, the institutional powers-that-be decided that universities that send out their students to bludgeon themselves in a football game shouldn’t be exposed to the more serious dangers of second-hand smoke. A locker room cigar ban was put in place.

Rumor has it, however, that the restrictions were given a wink and a nod, and the tradition continues to this day. If the rumor is true, then the Volunteer locker room tonight is a haven for smoggy smoke.

Despite the rankings, along with the naysayings of the Alabama fans, today’s game was a classic battle worthy of the rivalry. Though Tennessee never really did figure out the Bama defense, Ainge and Co.’s persistent offense paid off. There were a few pretty bad calls made by the Vol offense, most notably the 4th and 1 quarterback sneak when the Tide made it no mystery that they were going to block — you guessed it — the quarterback sneak.

Yet another network (this time CBS) outmentioned David Cutcliffe to Phillip Fulmer 10-1. Cutcliffe was in the box, and even managed more facetime than Fulmer. I don’t really have a comment about it, I’m just saying…

All in all, it’s a victory I’ll gladly celebrate. If I only had a cigar…

3 thoughts on “Smoggy Smoke on Rocky Top”

  1. Alabama is weak this year. If it were not for the rest of the family supporting the Vols, I might be upset that Bama lost; however, I am somewhat indifferent. Perhaps the Vols will go to a nice bowl game and show us something to celebrate. I hardly think that this “big” win is one of those occasions. My suggestion is to save the cigar for a win over a worthy opponent.

  2. You couldn’t handle the cigar if you had one! I wish I could sit out on the steps of the Capitol with you and watch you try though.

    What a classic Alabama fan response from Pops. I’m surprised Jody hasn’t chimed in with it too. I love you guys.

  3. Watch out for Vanderbilt. Although they lost to us and Georgia, each time it was extremely close. UT should have had an easy win over Bama. Didn’t happen. Love those Commodores and their academic standards. I may bleed crimson, but I still admire Vandy. There’s my (Denny) chime! : )

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