1 thought on “ESPN.com – NCF – Curry: Program stability leads to long-term success”

  1. Thanks for the tip – that’s a good article and Curry knows what he speaks of from experience as well as observation. Of course, Florida would probably fit into the pattern of what he is talking about with the quick firing of Zook. Of course the counter to that is that he should never have been hired in the first place. I’m hoping we won’t have a knee-jerk reaction if Urban has a few bad years.

    And it kills me to say this, but if Curry is right, and I think he is, your Vols have done right by Fulmer – not pulling the plug after the last two seasons.

    On the other hand, you’ve got a program like FSU to consider. How long are they going to hang on to Bobby and how deep are they going to let him run the progam into the ground before they fire him?

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