Bloomin’ Onion Football

Vols 10, Nittany Lions 20

Groan. After a lackluster game which proved the referees as the only stars of the game, Penn State claimed the much-coveted Outback Bowl title. Presumably, there will be a steak named after the winning team.

OK, maybe not, but neither the Vols nor the Nittany Lions looked like they had the proverbial “eye of the tiger.” The Tennessee defense made a couple of good stops, but Johnny Chavis has a lot of work to do from now until September. The offense, amidst its stable of powerhouse talent, still lacked the coalescence that’s needed for an offense potent enough to contend for a BCS bowl, or an SEC Championship at that.

That said, 9–4 is still better than last year’s (oh, what was last year’s record?). Next year could be a banner year for the Vols (please stay Robert Meachem!), but Warden Fulmer first needs to instill a bit of discipline on some of his more cantankerous inmates — I mean, players. So Happy New Year Volunteers! Here’s to a Big Orange 2007!

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  1. This just in: LaMarcus Coker is an absolute BEAST of a running back.

    This also in: The Vol Coaching Staff appears to have NO IDEA how to use him.

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