Belarus makes SOTU

In addition to using the unseeming phrase “contagion of violence,” President Bush also used another word that has previously been unused in a State of the Union address: Belarus.

The president pronounced it “Bail-uh-rus,” but Belarus (pronounced byelaRUS) was added to what amounted to a miniature axis of evil. Said the president:

And we will continue to speak out for the cause of freedom in places like Cuba, Belarus, and Burma – and continue to awaken the conscience of the world to save the people of Darfur.

It’s not much, but it does begin to draw some attention to a small European nation with a large dictator problem. Human rights and religious freedom violations aren’t limited to Islamic regimes, and though it was but a brief mention, it’s good to know that the world hasn’t forgotten.

1 thought on “Belarus makes SOTU”

  1. Were you surprised at the Belarus remark? I watched maybe 3 minutes of the speech and actually caught the mention of this beloved country. It really caught me off guard–in a good way. It is comforting to know that Belarus has not been forgotten.

    Also, a side note on football. I found myself rooting for the Colts last weekend as a result of your (and a few others’) love of UT football, Peyton Manning etc. I really never thought you could influence me in this way, but sometimes these things happen without being conscious of it. This will be the first superbowl I’m actually excited to watch. Who knew?

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