James Cameron is the King of the World!

That’s it. I guess that after 24 years, it’s time for me to give up Christianity. After all, James Cameron, the director who put Leonardo DiCaprio at the bow of the Titanic, will announce to the world next week in a Discovery Channel special that he has found the body of Jesus. Not only that … Read more

A Failed Flags of Our Fathers

There’s a scene early in Clint Eastwood’s Flags of Our Fathers where, after landing upon Iwo Jima in an eerily quiet manner, the U.S. Marines peer into a dense fog and wonder to each other why they had been permitted to enter the island with such ease. The marines knew something was coming — they … Read more

It’s Therapy Time!

For the wages of sin is “having deep personal issues,” but the gift of mankind is eternal therapy. It’s not exactly Romans 6:23, but it is the prevailing modus operandi of popular culture. What do Michael Richards, Isaiah Washington, Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, Ted Haggard, and Gavin Newsom have in common? A good dose of … Read more

Conspiracy Theory

Last week, some nameless fool stole my license plate from my parked car, prompting the need for a trip to the DMV Saturday morning to obtain a new one. As I waited in the long, seemingly eternal DMV line, I wondered to myself what would prompt someone to steal a single license plate in a … Read more

Jimmy Carter wins a Grammy

If the news is true, then former peanut farmer, President of the United States, and Nobel Prize winner Jimmy Carter has won a Grammy award. That’s right a Grammy. The thirty ninth president has no where to go but down from this point. Although there still is one major award that remains elusive…