People notice very little indeed

One of the reasons I love Walker Percy is because he writes into his novels gems like this: In his strange new mood he made the following observation: people notice very little indeed, ghost-ridden as they are by themselves. You have to be bleeding from the mouth or throwing a fit for them to take … Read more

A voice from the past

My grandfather, Samuel David Cooper, died on November 13, 1997. About ten years prior — when I was in 7th grade — I took a genealogy class in middle school. One of the class projects was to interview our “oldest living relative.” Well, Granddad wasn’t my oldest relative at the time, but he was the … Read more

Is Discoshaman back?

Cause for glee? It would appear that the inscrutable Discoshaman from Le Sabot Post-Moderne is back in the fray. The blogosphere has languished without him.

Be fruitful and subtract: Should Christians depopulate the earth?

Those who built fallout shelters in the 1960s can attest to the fact that in that decade there was no shortage of opportunity for alarmism. One such alarmist was Paul R. Ehrlich, whose book The Population Bomb predicted that the long-overpopulated planet Earth was in danger from its ever-increasing inhabitants. Ehrlich’s book contained such soothsayings … Read more

Sweet Sixteen

Tennessee is in the Sweet Sixteen! I’m holding my breath, and I’m not coming up for air until the Vols win the Final Four. I’ll keep you posted on my progress, but I hope to accomplish a better outcome than this.