Bloggers take on Belarus

Here in Washington, protests are a part of the scenery, often happening year-round (even in the president’s back yard). As a conservative, I’ve never seen much effectiveness in demonstrations, but I do support the people’s right to protest — even when I disagree. After all, that’s the beauty of the First Amendment. It doesn’t work … Read more

DVD Roundup

Some DVDs I’ve watched since the beginning of the year: Stranger Than Fiction: It’s hard to take Will Ferrell seriously, and for some strange reason, that’s why this story works — seriously. A great philosophical film with laughs along the way. [7 out of 10] The Prestige: Any film directed by Christopher Nolan is worth … Read more

The sonogram’s secret is out

Caitlin Flanagan is one of those talented writers for whom I imagine it is hard to find an ideological home. Feminists and liberals despise her for suggesting that feminism might not have worked out for the benefit of women. Likewise, she doesn’t quite fit the conservative mold — she is, for example, regrettably on the … Read more

Johnny Hart, R.I.P.

Cartoonist Johnny Hart died yesterday, the AP reports: ALBANY, N.Y. – Cartoonist Johnny Hart, whose award-winning “B.C.” comic strip appeared in more than 1,300 newspapers worldwide, died at his home on Saturday. He was 76. “He had a stroke,” Hart’s wife, Bobby, said on Sunday. “He died at his storyboard.” I have many fond memories … Read more

[Link] The Pirates of Tehran

The Pirates of Tehran: “In the old days, they would have kissed his ring — but wearing Iranian suits and carrying swag more appropriate to a Hollywood awards ceremony may have been as embarrassing.”

On the passing and rising of Jesus

Earlier this week, as Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave his “gift” of returning captured British hostages to their homeland, he cited his reason for his generous gesture: “On the occasion of the birthday of the great Prophet (Muhammad) … and for the occasion of the passing of Christ, I say the Islamic Republic government and … Read more

The 40-year-old…intern

The Associated Press is reporting that an intern with the U.S. National Archives stole 164 Civil War documents (including an announcement of President Lincoln’s death), which he subsequently put on Ebay. That’s weird. But that’s not the weirdest part. You see, the thief is conspicuously reported as being a 40 year-old unpaid intern. The report … Read more