Blogs for Fred

I’m proud to announce the creation of a new site that Joe Carter and I have been working on: Blogs for Fred. The site is just as its named — a rally point for bloggers who support Sen. Fred Thompson for president. Yeah, I know he hasn’t officially announced yet, but it’s kinda like the … Read more

Evangelicals, Rudy Giuliani, and the Republican Party

On Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani will make yet another attempt to court the vote of evangelical Christians: In what may be one of the most important speeches of his campaign thus far, Mayor Giuliani will make his pitch tomorrow to Christian conservatives, aiming to convince them that his bona fides on leadership and … Read more

Books you should read this summer

It’s summer — the season when kings and princes go off to war, and citizens depart for the beach. High schoolers are introduced with much shock to the reality that they have assigned reading over the summer. Those of us that didn’t get the memo that summer wasn’t for reading compile lists. Here’s mine: Mark … Read more

Truth vs. Humor

Ever wonder why conservatives have such a difficult time in getting their message across in the marketplace of ideas? One reason might be that we’re not fighting with the same artillery: So, how can you criticize someone who makes no positive assertions to criticize? Or even more difficult, how do you do it when his … Read more