Fountain of confusion

The Fountain

In order to give his film The Fountain longevity, director Darren Aronofsky reportedly refused to use CGI effects to create the beautiful, nebula-like atmosphere that serves as a the story’s backdrop. Aronofsky might as well have gone with the CGI. Taking its name from a reference to the mythical Fountain of Youth, the lifespan of The Fountain is sure to be brief.

Beautifully shot and adequately acted by Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz, The Fountain fails in offering the viewer a plot that is a little too multifaceted. Within the context of a search for eternal life, we see allegories to the Christian Eucharist, Buddhist nirvana, and Mayan pagan rituals. Needless to say, none of these disparate themes blend together, leaving the viewer (this one, anyway) scratching his head.

The Fountain tries too hard to be deep, and ends up a bubbling brook.

[5 out of 10]

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  1. So true, Jared. This movie was dreadful. Clearly Aronofsky thought he was reeely deeeep. It was really sad, however, to watch him trying to struggle with the finality of physical death without coming to a comprehensible answer.

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