Obama the monarchist

The Clinton campaign must be licking their chops today, because Senator Barack Obama just proved that he’s at least as crazy as Howard Dean. In a speech to a Greenville, South Carolina church today (I’m assuming he was the “guest preacher?”), Sen. Obama set forth his true ambitions:

He finished his brief remarks by saying, “We’re going to keep on praising together. I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”

Like his predecessor Howard Dean before him, Sen. Obama must have been reading from the DNC’s pamphlet “How to Speak Like an Evangelical.” Trouble is, whoever wrote the Democrats’ book on evangelicaspeak probably did their research by watching Hollywood movies or bad TBN reruns (it’s hard to say!). It’s waaay off.

Obama has apparently come under the same delusion that befell some of Jesus’ disciples. The thought that “the Kingdom” was something that could be ushered along through political means left them dumfounded at the cross.

The borders of the Kingdom of Christ span far greater — into the heart, no less.

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  1. “I’m assuming he was the “guest preacher?””

    That assumption would be wrong. The standing policy of Redemption World Outreach Center (as I understand it) is that current public office holders who are professing christians are welcome to come worship with us, and if they choose to do so, we honor them. In the last year, Mark Sanford (Republican governor of SC,) André Bauer (Republican Lieutenant Governor of SC,) and Lindsey Graham (Republican Senator from SC) have all been honored in the same way, not to mention various other local public officials. They are introduced to the congregation, and allowed to say a few words. They are not allowed to campaign.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, RWOC Member. I guess the trouble is keeping someone in a campaign from campaigning.

  3. All he needed to do was insert God willing between that and we. Sounds better to church folk and deflects criticism.

  4. Sir,
    Kindly do not associate the Marxist/Socialist Obama with Monarchy, as they are opposing forms of government. This man is a disgrace to the usurper office of US president and should scare all freedom loving people to death.
    HRH Franklin

  5. HRH and and other ignorant peoples herein, you are friggin stupid! God knows what HE IS DOING! Take a back seat and watch God deal with this situation ok. He doesn’t need your ignorant asses to bloviate your ignorant crap all over obscure websites like this one to get His point across! Obama will be a praying President within 2 years. And regardless of our biases, he can make this country Godly if we pray for him every day. Not once a month….every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do you have the balls to do that? I don’t think so because I think you are a bunch of pussies…..you weiners!

  6. To Mr. Ackerman;

    We never said God does not know what He is doing, where you got THAT from baffles Our Person.We do pray daily to God, thank you, and do not show our lack of knowledge or Our inability to debate by slurring others or resorting to childish name calling and insults, as you do.
    Enjoy the upcoming Obama-led disasters; We choose not to. We do pray for Obama, We pray he fails in his policies to destroy freedom.
    HRH Franklin

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