Can’t get enough of the Bulldogs

Vols 33, Bulldogs 21

Another week, another victory over the Bulldogs — this time of Starkville, Mississippi (in)fame. Arian Foster (139 yards rushing) and Lucas Taylor (186 yards receiving) both had big days. Erik Ainge, disciplined as ever, brought his passing back up to 259 yards. His season low (169 yards) was in the Vols’ biggest win in last week’s game against Georgia (which, incidentally, was also his higest pass completion percentage game). Ainge has consistently been the most solid performer on the team. It’s good to see some other players coming along.

It was yet another untelevised (pay-per-view doesn’t count, you know) Tennessee game. If national television coverage is like a canary in a coal mine, then the Vols should be worried. CBS just opted for Kentucky-Florida for the Third Saturday in October instead of Tennessee Alabama. I had a nightmare last night that YouTube was the only network that would carry the Big Orange.

Times are indeed strange.

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