How homecoming is supposed to be

Vols 59, Ragin Cajuns 7

I didn’t go home for the Vols’ homecoming today (judging from the decade-low attendance, few did), but this is the way homecomings are supposed to be. And for one game of the year — this will likely be the last — the Vols routed a team. Granted, Louisiana-Lafayette probably made enough money from this game to fund its program into the next century, but one man’s thrashing is another man’s wealth.

Overshadowing any euphoria that might come from today’s victory is the dismissal yesterday of tailback LaMarcus Coker. After failing his fourth drug test, Warden Fulmer was required to let him go.

Don’t ever let anybody tell you that Tennessee isn’t the program of second chances — apparently when it comes to drugs, you get three.