Wildcats left blue

Vols 52, Wildcats 50

For the second week in a row Tennessee tried to give a football game to the other team. And for the second week in a row, the Vols were told that their charity was unwelcome.

Games like this — especially when it involves the Volunteers — are best watched in the presence of a cardiac defibrillator. From the onset of Tennessee’s second-half implosion, my heartbeat was quickened with nightmarish visions of my Kentucky-alum wife and my Wildcat in-laws dancing over my grave. However, after four overtimes, and a perplexing inability to stop André Woodson’s 3rd down conversions, the Vols somehow prevailed for the 23rd year in a row against.

My favorite miracle play of the game was the blocked field goal in the 3rd overtime. What’s yours? There are plenty from which to choose.

I couldn’t be more surprised that we’re playing in Atlanta next week if I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet, but hey — I’m not complaining. This year is our fifth trip SEC Championship game?

Anything can happen.

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