Junior League

Vols 24, Bruins 27

In football, experience can make or break you.  The fact that Tennessee had a young, inexperienced team this year was no surprise.  The fact that they were inexperienced enough to lose to a UCLA team that played like a mediocre high school squad was more a disappointment than a surprise.

There were holes all around, undoubtedly camouflaged by Bruin QB Kevin Craft’s 4 interceptions in the first half.  Foster’s crucial fumble,  missed field goals, and missing players. Crompton looked rough, but in all fairness didn’t have much help.  The Vol offensive line — the one aspect of the Tennessee team that had experience — handled UCLA’s blitz as effectively as a screen door on a submarine.

On the bright side, overtime offers some extra experience, right?  Ughh.

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