Never Let It Be Said…

…that TruePravda was all work and no play. Consider this: I got this in a email from my brother from someone he knows. If I find out the true source, full attribution will be given. My question is this: did the photographer actually sit throught the whole race with this in front of him?


To those of you who are without power in the Northeast USA (and SE Canada), I would just like to say, “How are you reading this if you don’t have power?”

Fowl Play

If you’re thinking the above photo has absoultely nothing to do with anything important (not that good food isn’t important), you’re right. I took this photo at a cookout at my wife’s family reunion over the weekend. The chickens were cooked sitting atop a punctured can of beer. I had never seen anything like it, … Read more

A Strange Land

This is so bizarre that I couldn’t resist posting it. Has anyone ever heard of a country called Sealand? Apparently it’s for real. It claims to be a sovereign nation off the coast of England. No, it’s not an Island, and it’s not located on any continent. Sealand is a platform. You can find a … Read more


HA HA HA HA! It looks like the Florida Gators football media guide has none other than a crocodile on the front cover! What a shame and embarassment. It’s amazing that they let schools like this into the SEC…

Fair and Balanced News

We here at TruePravda (actually, just me–since I’m the only one here) will stand for nothing less than the truth–the name is, after all, TRUEPRAVDA. Therefore, I want to share all sides of the story. For this reason, I’m providing the following link: It’s almost passe, but I still found it to be quite … Read more