The Praise of Food

Desiderius Erasmus wrote The Praise of Folly, but being in a nonsensical, and hungry (in that late-night sort of way) mood, I’ve decided to switch the gears of this blog a little and write about a couple of my favorite restaurants. The first I will mention is the Italian Village in my home town of … Read more

A Man’s Man

If you haven’t read yet about the mountain climber who had to cut his own arm off to escape from a boulder that was pinning him, read it now. This story is incredible, and a testimony to the fact that sacrifices are made with every decision we make, some more costly than others. This fellow … Read more

Associated Press or Parody?

The news media as we know it keeps proving its irrelevancy. Take, for instance, this AP photo and caption found on Yahoo News (thanks to Opinion Journal for the link). What relevance to anything does this have?