On Deck…

Due to that process we all live called life, blogging around here has been rather absent. I’ve still got a lot going on in the next few weeks, but I thought it might be prudent to give all three of you who read my blog (yep, you’re one of the three!) a preview of things to come. So here’s a few posts I’ve been working on that will be posted in the near future:

  • A new edition of Travelogue complete with photos that covers a recent trip to the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Townsend TN area. Hint: there will not be a lot of good things to say about Pigeon Forge…
  • A review of Marilynne Robinson’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel, Gilead, which makes the “Books that Haunt” list mere months after I read it.
  • Some thoughts on teachers and the process of learning — something that affects all our lives, be it in grade-school, university, the church, the workforce, or wherever.
  • Ruminations on how pervasive a person’s epistemology, or theory of knowledge, can be in every aspect of a person’s life, both in though and action.
  • Several other books I’ve read in the last year will be commented on briefly.

That’s what’s in the cooker. I’m sure there will be other items that will pop in uninvited. You’re on your own with those, but for the aforementioned, consider yourselves warned.

2 thoughts on “On Deck…”

  1. Sounds like some good reading is on the way! I’m especially curious about your thoughts on epistemology. Blessings!

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