Tennessee, Three and Three

Vols 3, Crimson Tide 6

I had almost forgotten what it felt like to lose to Alabama. However bad it is, it isn’t nearly as bad as what it feels like to hand the game to the Crimson Tide on a silver platter.

For the second game in a row, Tennessee’s offense failed to score a touchdown (I’m not counting that one-yarder against Georgia — that was not the result of offensive action). Our special teams proved once again that they’re not all that special.

Our defense, minus the team’s best athlete, looked incredible. It’s a shame our offense (spelled C-O-A-C-H-I-N-G) let them down.


3 thoughts on “Tennessee, Three and Three”

  1. My heart resonates with the Psalmist: How long? In accord with everyone else, I’ll just go ahead and state the obvious. Randy Sanders has got to go!

  2. It really could have gone either way. Yes, I’m glad about the way it went, but you win some, you lose some….blah,blah,blah…it does stink to lose–you’ve had some great wins for the past few years, but it was time for a change…FINALLY!!

  3. Fire Sanders now! Been saying that for 4 weeks. But the tipping point has not gone critical yet. It may take 2 more losses, if then. Watch out for Vandy, Vols. What a horrible thought…

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