Nuptial Sense

There is much discussion these days, on the web and elsewhere, about the topic of so-called “gay marriage.” It is so-called because it doesn’t formally exist in the United States—yet. Heterosexuals have been reaping the benefits, financial and social, long enough, say the homosexual proponents. Why shouldn’t gays be allowed the same privileges as straights? … Read more

Night Shift

For those of you who have ever worked the graveyard shift, you’ll certainly understand the results of this new study. The article says that: A new study from Lexington [Mass.] consultancy Circadian Technologies, which advises the nation’s largest companies on how to manage their extended-hours operations, estimates that maintaining the practice may be costing companies … Read more

The All-Star Death of Baseball?

First things first, I love baseball. There are few other sports where one can sit back, relax, heckle the opposing team’s player if necessary, and watch without having to worry about doing the wave(I admit, I really dislike doing the wave). I attended a minor league game last month where the wave circuited constantly throughout … Read more

Show your colors

In case anyone was wondering what I’ve been doing at work, here it is: The George W. Bush Online Store. I’ve been working on updating the design–we also have many new products for those of you who like to show your colors. This is about as close to an advertising pitch as you’ll get on … Read more

Addicted to Data?

The New York Times has an interesting article this week (provided that they didn’t just make it up…). The article is regarding the ever-present nature of communications technology in our lives today. The author writes: The ubiquity of technology in the lives of executives, other businesspeople and consumers has created a subculture of the Always … Read more

Chick Watch

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Well, not exactly, but you wouldn’t know that by the show the Dixie Chicks continue to put on. They were seen recently at a Senate hearing whining about their freedoms being violated because radio stations nationwide turned them off. The article says that at the hearing, “Sen. … Read more

Flick Watch

Since I’ve already blasted Hollywood for its poor lineup of films this summer, I thought that it would be fitting to acknowledge at least a few good DVDs that I’ve seen recently. Antwone Fisher: (6.5 out of 10) This film tackles some really touch issues, and I like the fact that the ending is not … Read more

Feelings, Cults and Hypnotic Foolery

It’s me, Jared, back at the helm. I hope you enjoyed and were provoked in your thoughts by my wife’s comments below. If any of you have something to say or just rant about, email me and I’ll consider giving you guest blog privileges. Speaking of guests, my wife and I had two rather interesting … Read more

“Moore” on the Court

Russell D. Moore has a new article on the Lawrence v. Texas decision that offers an interesting perspective: The gospel of gay liberation is everywhere—and it is increasingly adopted without question. For younger generations of Americans, a traditionalist view of marriage is the moral equivalent of a segregationist view of race relations. Legislation is important, … Read more

Guest Blog

Editor’s note: I thought it might be interesting to have a guest blog every once in a while, and today the perfect opportunity arose. My lovely wife Lori was passionately discussing what she heard on the John Ziegler radio show this morning, and I thought she might like to share it with TruePravda readers everywhere … Read more