Culture, Time, & Christianity

Os Guinness says some noteworthy things about Christianity and culture in an interview with Dick Staub. Guinness observes: If you look back when clocks came into the West, there was a subtle change. For example, the idea of being civilized for the Greeks was a spatial idea. If you were inside, you were civilized. If … Read more

Buchanan on Bush

Pat Buchanan is always a pariah, but occasionally he has some good things to say. This article in The Atlantic evaluates whether or not (and how, possibly) Bush can be beaten in 2004. Read it.

Never Let It Be Said…

…that TruePravda was all work and no play. Consider this: I got this in a email from my brother from someone he knows. If I find out the true source, full attribution will be given. My question is this: did the photographer actually sit throught the whole race with this in front of him?

Lit. 101

Literature is vastly underappreciated in our day. This doesn’t mean people have forsaken reading—a mere look at the number of stores such as Barnes & Noble and Borders shows that people must be reading something. Sadly, much of the reading that passes across our eyes doesn’t fall into the category of literature. Books like Tom … Read more

Remember Please… your prayers my paternal grandmother, Jeanette Bridges (known to her grandchildren as “MawMaw”) who is hospitalized in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for heart failure. Apparently she was misdiagnosed with pneumonia a couple of days ago and was treated as such, but now they’ve discovered it was her heart. My maternal grandmother is still recovering, quite remarkably, … Read more

The Tiger’s Tale

I skipped NBC’s airing of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy last night to finish reading Tom Clancy’s The Teeth of the Tiger. Sorry NBC, it’s rather queer how I always seem to miss that show. Anyway, the book was OK, but definitely not one of Clancy’s best. It was quite predictable in places, even … Read more

Tablets of Stone

I’ve got mixed feelings about the saga going on down in Alabama with Chief Justice Roy Moore. In case you haven’t heard about it, Justice Moore is fighting a US Supreme Court order to remove the monument of the Ten Commandments he placed in the rotunda at the Alabama Supreme Court. On one hand, I … Read more

UNtruth in Advertising

I came across this article from the United Kingdom [linked via Tom Perrault] about a report from two advertising agencies that were hired by a British Christian magazine to create marketing strategies “aimed at encouraging people to attend church services.” Since my undergradute major was in advertising, and I currently work for a marketing company, … Read more

The Lineup

My semester begins Wednesday morning (does anyone know why classes, no matter where you are or what level, invariably begin in the middle of the week?), so I thought I’d list the lineup for this fall: Hebrew Exegesis: Isaiah 40-66 with Peter Gentry The Ministry of Leadership with Brad Waggoner The Worshipping Church with Carl … Read more

Freshman Orientation

This week marks the beginning of another school year for many–in my case, it’s the beginning of my final semester of seminary. As I was pondering the start of new school year–you know, buying crayons (with the sharpener on the box, of course), Trapper Keepers, and those dull scissors, I came across this article by … Read more