Gods and Generals

I finished watching the epic Gods and Generals on DVD this weekend. I say “finished” because I watched it over a period of three days. Yes, it’s long. Yes, it’s slow in places. And yes, after all the shots were fired, I loved the film. Several things struck me about this first in a trilogy … Read more


To those of you who are without power in the Northeast USA (and SE Canada), I would just like to say, “How are you reading this if you don’t have power?”

No Skin Off His Nose

I love this! University of Tennessee football player Parys Haralson broke his nose in practice, went to the hospital that night, and showed up for practice the next morning. I think we’re going to have a great season!

Day Careless?

There’s an excellent discussion on day care going on over at Mere Comments. David Mills posted regarding the article “Bring Back the Stay-At-Home Mom“, by Rich Lowry. This is such a firey topic that even I tremble a little and duck for the incoming arrows in agreeing that day care is not the answer to … Read more

The Tiger Himself

No, not that Tiger. For all of you who are interested in Tom Clancy and his novels, here’s a good article/interview with some hints about the new book, The Teeth of the Tiger. Funny, he didn’t mention anything about anyone else writing his books…it seems the burden of proof is on the Fox News article. … Read more

Fowl Play

If you’re thinking the above photo has absoultely nothing to do with anything important (not that good food isn’t important), you’re right. I took this photo at a cookout at my wife’s family reunion over the weekend. The chickens were cooked sitting atop a punctured can of beer. I had never seen anything like it, … Read more

Land of the Free…

…software, that is. Yes there are still some worthy software titles out there that are without cost. Since I’ve been referred to as a computer geek from time to time, I thought that I would list a few of the free software tools that I use or have used: Mozilla Firebird .61. I use Firebird … Read more

Oh No!

Actually, this is sort of exciting news–Tom Clancy is releasing a new novel August 11, 2003. It’s called The Teeth of the Tiger, and it centers around Jack Ryan, Jr. The reason for the negative title of this blog is my own dismay of the publishing date. Why does Clancy alsways publish his books in … Read more