Running Through the T

For those readers of you who are foreign to Tennessee football, a major tradition of each Tennesee home game is observed when the players enter the field at the beginnning of the game and run through a giant “T” formed by the band members. Tennessee manager Nick Trail got to run through the T last … Read more

The Post-Game

Tennessee 34, Marshall 24 Knoxville News-Sentinel columnist John Adams says: “The Vols still don’t look like an exceptional team. They do look like a team with exceptional athletes.” I tend to agree. The Vols looked good in places, but there needs to be a lot more cohesion as a team before they travel down to … Read more

“The Book Was Better”

A recent USA Today article explores the astonishingly large number of films which are based on books (there are reportedly 20 such films debuting this fall). It’s easy to make these films because the story is already there, and often the prestige of the book is there as well. In my 20+ years of watching … Read more

Separation of Church and Business

With all the buzz in the media regarding separation of church and state, there seems to one area that is overlooked: the separation of church and business. Now don’t get me wrong—there is nothing at all wrong with running a business in a Christian manner. In fact, more businesses need to be run that way—heck, … Read more