Death As Entertainment

The heretofore unknown band Hell on Earth (the band with a “heck” of a name) plans to include a suicide of a terminally ill patient at their next concert in St. Petersburg, FL. This report [linked via Joshua Hoover]said that although the St. Petersburg city council created a new law to stop such an event, … Read more

Cry Me A River

It seems Lou Holtz is upset that the Gamecocks lost to the Vols Saturday night. So upset, in fact, that he thinks that the Vols must have cheated. Holtz has petitioned the SEC claiming that the Vols were illegally causing South Carolina’s offensive linemen to move. Gary Lundy of the Knoxville News-Sentinel reports: “The command … Read more

No Holtz Barred

Vols 23, Gamecocks 20 The Vols escaped Lou Holtz’s South Carolina team in overtime by the hair of their collective chinny-chin-chin last night. Save for punter Dustin Colquitt’s stellar performace, the Vols looked pretty sloppy. We play Auburn next week, and if things don’t shape up offensively we could be in real trouble. Then again, … Read more

Courting Disaster

I finished reading last night an first-rate article by Leon Kass, a professor at the University of Chicago and the chairman of President Bush’s Council on Bioethics. The article is featured in The Public Interest and is available here. The article is entitled “The End of Courtship,” and is a very in-depth look at what … Read more

Crying Wolf

As I write this, an alarm is going off in the background. I’m not sure whether or not it’s a car alarm, house alarm, or business alarm, but I’m ninety percent sure that it is a false alarm. In fact, I think that the way we use alarms needs a serious evaluation. When was the … Read more

Pop Goes Religion

A New York Times article on the upcoming new television season highlights the increased spirituality that is evident in this fall’s lineup: Today’s spurt of spirituality, at least the kind expressed by DMX, the rapper who ends his concerts with a prayer to Jesus, seeks a cozier, more direct connection to God: open, low-maintenance and … Read more

Vols 24, Florida 10

A fitting end to Gator Hater Week! The Vols looked really good beating the Gators on their home turf–especially the defense. We’ve got a tough schedule ahead, but I feel much better about our team’s capability now. Gator Hater Week is now over, but you can still hate the Gators year round.

Krakauer on the Nature of Faith

Jon Krakauer’s new book, Under the Banner of Heaven, is slightly different fare for the author of Into Thin Air and Into the Wild, but that doesn’t stop his superb storytelling ability and thorough investigative skills from making this book a very interesting story. My wife and I listened to the audio version of the … Read more

Ignore Our Mess

If you’re using Internet Explorer, which I imagine most of you are, you’ll notice some stylesheet problems on the site (the site looks perfect in Mozilla Firebird). I accidentally deleted the stylesheet last night and I’ve been trying to reconstruct it. I notice that the comments section is a little out of whack too. Please … Read more

The Drive to Court

For those of you who have ever bought a computer with a 40 GB hard drive and wonder why in the world your computer says you have only 37 GB of space, you might find this interesting. It seems a group of computer owners are suing several manufacturers for deceptive advertising. According to the lawsuit, … Read more