Metro No More?

While General Wesley Clark is busy looking like a metrosexual on the cover of the homosexual magazine The Advocate [see Albert Mohler’s blog today], USA Today claims that the rise of the “metrosexual” has reached its peak:

It seems a market correction, if not a backlash, is afoot. Guys’ guys, the kind who’d rather spend $50 on a pay-per-view boxing match than a back wax, are railing in Web logs against the trend toward fastidious grooming and Rat Pack-refined dressing. They call the foppish fad a “scourge.”

“When my grandmother knew what metrosexual meant, I realized how overexposed the term was,” says trend tracker Jon Hein, creator of

While I doubt that my grandmother knows what a metrosexual is, I am not surprised that the phenomenon is losing its popularity.

I wonder what’s next—the ruralsexual, perhaps? Now there’s a trend that has real staying power. The ruralsexual will be defined as a man who is in touch with his agricultural side. They will dress in “farm chic”, modeled from their favorite TV show, Big Scythe for the Burly Guy. Watch out, Fab Five!

1 thought on “Metro No More?”

  1. I heard a guy at my church arguing with this girl:

    GIRL: You are sooo metro!

    BOY: Why do you say that!?

    GIRL: You have a fancy haircut and your house is decorated and clean.

    BOY: But I drive a big pickup truck with dual exhaust

    Metrosexual is such a pejorative.

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