One Rich Heretic

I don’t use the term “heretic” freely, but the wildly popular Benny Hinn doesn’t do anything to help himself avoid the label. He is, to put it simply, a heretic and a shyster. This month’s issue of The Door Magazine has a particularly denunciatory article/expose on the white-suited evangelist:

He has no church. He belongs to no denomination. He’s not even affiliated with any particular religion, although his buzz words indicate he tends to dwell on the freaky backwoods fringe of Pentecostalism. As recently as three centuries ago, he probably would have been burned as a heretic. (To give you some idea of his doctrinal strangeness, he once preached that the Trinity is actually nine persons, because each member of the Trinity — Father, Son, Holy Spirit — is also a Trinity. He also says that God and the Holy Spirit have real bodies, with eyes, hands, mouth, etc.

Various theologians have trashed him, of course, for preaching “new revelations” directly from God that turn out to be, when examined, variations of thousand-year-old heresies.) He thinks of himself as a prophet (even when his prophecies don’t come true) and, in one burst of grandeur, “a little messiah walking on the earth.” He believes that the Biblical Adam flew into outer space, that when God parted the Red Sea He made it into a wall of ice, that God talks to him more frequently than he talked to, say, Moses, that a man has risen from the dead in his presence, that a man turned into a snake before his eyes, that angels come to his bedroom and talk to him, and that the only reason we’re not all in perfect health, living forever, is that there are demons in the world, attacking us.

He’s expressed opinions normally heard only on schizophrenia wards, and he’s done it in front of millions of people — and still they come. They come in such numbers that thousands have to be turned away, and even the ones turned away gladly give him their money.

Read the entire article—it’s really very scary how so many people could be duped into following Hinn. Then again, it’s not that surprising, as we all try to escape truth in our own way. Pray that those who follow Benny Hinn will not be obscured from the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Wouldn’t the Trinity be like 3 times infinity persons, by that logic? I’m just saying, that if each member of the Trinity is a Trinity in itself, then each member of each of those Trinities would be a Trinity…oh dear, I’m confusing myself again. Back to making statistics.

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