“Let Me Go Talk To Them In The Back”

If you’ve ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes at a car dealership, this article is an intriguing read. The writer worked undercover at a dealership to find out how the process worked:

What really goes on in the back rooms of car dealerships across America?

What does the car salesman do when he leaves you sitting in a sales office and goes to talk with his boss?

What are the tricks salespeople use to increase their profit and how can consumers protect themselves from overpaying?

I’ve never bought a car from a dealer, being the plebeian that I am, but I’ve sat in on a few deals which were filled, for the most part, with much smoke and mirrors—so I found the article pretty funny.

2 thoughts on ““Let Me Go Talk To Them In The Back””

  1. Interesting read. I was hoping for something more shocking, like monkeys doing the math, but definitely good stuff to know when trying to buy a car. Problem is, now I want to go test drive some…darn you, Jared Bridges!

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