Family Restrooms?

I’m all for “family values,” but this I’m not so sure about. While visiting a public restrrom this weekend, I noticed not two, but three choices: Men, Women, and Families. Now I love my family, but I sure as heck do not want to go to the bathroom with them.

My wife suggests (and she’s probably right), that it’s purpose is for changing diapers, etc. Still, why not just call it a changing room? Are there stalls in there? Urinals? I’ll stop speculating now before I freak myself out anymore.

3 thoughts on “Family Restrooms?”

  1. Okay Jared, picture it this way. You are in Wal-Mart without Lori but with your darling 6 year old girl (whose arrival we are still anticipating…) and she says, “Daddy, I have to go now!” You don’t want to send her to the women’s restroom all alone do you? And you surely can’t take her into the men’s room with all those urinals, now can you? Hence, the “Families” restroom.

  2. I’ve heard mention of this being proposed in educational circles… not sure if it is related to “family restrooms”, but the idea there has been to have “gender-neutral” bathrooms for gay/lesbian/transgender students who may not feel comfortable using the restroom with people of their own sex.

  3. Family restrooms are for people like my brother in law. My 62 yr old sister has recently been blinded by strokes. She has been in an Alabama hospital and must now travel to a Florida nursing home with her husband. He will be her primary caregiver. He needs family restrooms so he can assist her. There are many handicap needs that require family restrooms. I am trying to find a list of them along I65 South.

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