CCM Nausea

I don’t listen to contemporary Christian music (CCM) much. Mostly because there’s little there that’s different from secular music. I know there are exceptions, but for the most part CCM’s quality is poor (I could likewise argue that most top 40 songs and artists are lacking).

Every once in a while, I’ll feel guilty that I’m not supporting CCM and I’ll turn my radio to a station. It’s usually at this point where I’m reminded once again that why I can’t stand it. Case in point: while driving through Cincinnati yesterday, we heard this as the tagline to a CCM radio station: “[name of station]: It’s like Bible study with a beat!”

Bible study with a beat, huh? This tagline played right after a cover of U2’s “Beautiful Day” by a CCM group. Hand me the barf bag. Unfortunately too many people do think that listening to CCM is a substitute (or at least an equivalent) for studying the Bible. The problem is that CCM is 98% “beat,” and Bible study is seldom found.

1 thought on “CCM Nausea”

  1. Jared – I’m sorry to hear of your traumatic experience with CCM. I gave it up for the most part a long time ago. I cringe at the “Oh, here a Christian alternative to your favorite band” mentality. Much of CCM is pure sludge from an artistic perspective (along with much of Top 40 radio)… evangelicals should support artists who strive for excellence and artistry in their craft, not simply because they sing songs that are inoffensive.

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