Springing Forward?

If you’re a chronophile like me, you’ll really want to read Henry Sturman’s article, “Darkness at One,” where he says that Daylight Savings Time is a bad idea. Yes, friends and neighbors, this Sunday is the day when we all “lose” an hour of sleep. I’m not sure if I agree with Sturman in toto, … Read more

The Culture of Therapy v. The Culture of Wisdom

Russell Moore’s lament on the loss of the doctrine of sin in dealing with wife-beaters has me thinking about just how pervasive the “culture of therapy” has become. I think that psychology has a valuable place in the world as a discipline, but in a sense it has become the official religion of secularism. If … Read more

The Hind End of Left Behind

The Left Behind series of books concludes today. Wheh, I thought they would never end—but wait!: “Glorious Appearing” covers the end of days, but it’s actually not the end of the books. In 2005, fans can look forward to a prequel of “Left Behind” about the main characters’ lives before the Rapture. A sequel is … Read more


I’ve finally updated my “about” page to reflect the fact that I’m no longer a seminarian. I’ve made a few other adjustments to that page, as well as a rather vague hint about what I hope to be doing next. Also, the blogroll on the right has had many changes as of late, with many … Read more

Sign of the Times

A good friend of mine sends out a periodic email entitled, “Bad Church Sign of the Week.” It’s a rather hilarious compendium of trite phrases gone bad. Most of them try to be clever—something to make you think. Usually, that’s as far as it goes. No one really tries to make a deep theological point … Read more

DVD Roundup

The DVD market seems to be flooded right now with movies you’ve never heard of. I was in Target and saw four dozen copies of the movie Honey for sale. I’ll bet those will go just as quickly as it took for the movie to from film to DVD. I did see one film recently … Read more

Politics, Religion, & The Christian Right

James Heflin is an angry, upset man. It seems to him that the far-right-extreme-ultra-hyper-conservative fundamentalists of the Christian right (wayward, diabolical, conservative Southern Baptists in particular) are the root of all evil in America. After reading this article [link via CT Weblog] that’s the feeling one gets. In it, Heflin delivers a tirade at the … Read more

Tolerance and the Culture Wars

National Review’s John Derbyshire is, how should I say it, “smokin!” in his latest NRO column: We have not, in fact, gone “beyond tolerance” at all, we have merely invented new kinds of intolerance. We have not swept away caste-feudalism and replaced it with a shining meritocratic egalitarianism; we have just traded in one style … Read more

Apropos of the Wet Snow…

I finished Notes from Underground tonight. After suffering through some maniacal ranting in the first third of the book, Dostoevsky emerges with force! A question posed by his Underground Man: And in fact I’m now asking an idle question of my own: which is better—cheap happiness, or lofty suffering? Well, which is better? Notes may … Read more